Crotalo Aniversario Holiday Wine Cellar Extra Anejo Tequila Limited Edition

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We celebrate a successful Tequila & Spirits Magazine Tasting Awards 2024. The spirits Double-Blind taste scores results are in for the 2024 tasting competition.  Congratulations HWC Crotalo Tequila.   Your Tequila award(s) are as follows.  HWC Crotalo Tequila Extra Añejo scores 92 Points.  This falls under “EXCEPTIONAL” GOLD MEDAL

Holiday Wine Cellar is proud to present the official HWC Tequila, celebrating 55 years in (as of 2021 56 years) of business here in Escondido! Originally planned to be released in 2020, the aging process was prolonged, due to the pandemic - slowing & perfecting our tequila into an extra añejo.

Savor the symphony of flavors from HWC's Anniversary hand-selected barrel—initial vanilla and caramel notes dance gracefully with subtle oak undertones, culminating in a velvety finish. Its rich amber hue captivates, while a complex aroma beckons exploration. Crafted with precision and care, this tequila promises an unforgettable tasting journey—an exquisite tribute to artisanal mastery and refinement.


Tequila & Spirits Magazine Tasting Awards 2024. The spirits Double-Blind taste scored HWC Crotalo Tequila Extra Añejo with 92 Points. 



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