Bimini Gin

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Bimini Gin is named for the islands in the Bahamas and beautiful summer days. Handcrafted with all natural botanicals and aromatics. Set firmly within the American style of gin, Bimini offers aromas of barley, citrus, lavender and juniper up front, and earthy malt and coriander notes in the background. Its rich mouthfeel helps the notes of peppery baking spices, cooling chamomile and verdant hops to linger on the palate, while it’s high proof makes it ideal for mixing in cocktails.


• Juniper-forward without “pine tree” flavor
• Supporting botanicals inspired by a session IPA “With notes of citrus peel, flowers, coriander, cardamom, a shimmering viscosity, and some kind of extra magic, Bimini Gin is literally perfect for hot weather cocktails.

• Juniper
• Grapefruit Peel
• Mt. Hood Hops
• Aromatic Barley Malt
• Coriander Seed
• Chamomile
• Orris Root

Bimini Gin uses a neutral base
spirit made from non-GMO
American corn and distilled four
times for exceptional purity.

Originating in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the water in Bimini Gin comes from the Saco River which flows past the distillery to the Atlantic Ocean.

The botanicals are separated into groups. Each group is milled, macerated for 2-4 days, and distilled separately. Using a packed column with a dephlegmator, the vapor temperature is closely controlled to minimize the juniper’s “pine tree” notes and maximize smoothness.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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