La Rochelle 2015 El Coro Vineyard Pinot Noir

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Most vineyard sites in California are too warm to let all of the complex flavors of Pinot Noir develop fully before the sugar levels get too high and throw the wine out of balance. There are only a small number of vineyards that have the ability to exhibit the full potential that make Pinot Noir one of the most coveted grapes on the planet. The El Coro Vineyard is one of those special sites. The El Coro Vineyard is located in one of America's newest wine regions: the Petaluma Gap AVA in southern Sonoma County.

The 2015 La Rochelle El Coro Vineyard Pinot Noir boasts an incredible variety of savory and fruit flavors and textures wrapped in a package of perfect balance of bright mouthwatering acidity, soft tannins, and a silky mouthfeel.

Varietal Composition: 100 percent Pinot Noir (Dijon 828 and Swan clones)
Appellation: Petaluma Gap AVA (Sonoma Coast)
Production: 200 cases


(No reviews yet) Write a Review