Bacardi Humidor Gift Pack

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The perfect gift for a true rum lover - (1) 8 YEAR & (1) 10 YEAR of Bacardi Rum nicely packaged inside a humidor.

8 YEAR: A departure from their Silver and Gold rums that Bacardi is known for, the Bacardi 8 Year Rum contains wonderful balance between notes of plum and dried apricot, honey and vanilla, and oak spice and alcohol appearance. Finishing in sherry casks helps to smooth out this rum beautifully.

10 YEAR: This is a luxurious rum, aged for 10 years under the Caribbean sun, and characterized by a balance of caramelized vanilla and oak with banana, pear and melon. One to sip and savor. Discover bright notes of stone fruits, banana and pear – balanced with caramelized vanilla and oak.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review