Anderson Valley Thribble Currant American Wild Ale

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Anderson Valley Brewing's Thribble Currant is a truly unique American sour ale. It's produced by taking Brother David's Triple wort from the kettle and adding it to wine barrels to ferment with the brewery's Horse Tongue Wheat sour culture. That's right: no brewer's yeast or stainless steel; it's 100% barrel-fermented with wild yeast and bacteria. After primary fermentation has ended (several months or more), a healthy dose of black currants is added, providing natural sugars to encourage additional fermentation. It spends upwards of a year or more in the barrel until it has matured and reached the perfect balance of sourness and complexity. The resulting beer is a deep burgundy color with a bracing sourness and subtle sweetness with hints of oak, dark fruit, and wild berry.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review